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Personal Name Calligraphic Designs.
Arabic calligraphy for publications.
dot Arabic calligraphy for buildings and environments.
dot Middle East related typography and calligraphy.
Zoomorphic designs of Arabic calligraphy in various styles for personal or corporate use.
Arabic calligraphy for use as a tattoo.

Arabic Fonts

DTP Naskh font for PC

Sakkal Arabic Fonts: A collection of high quality Arabic fonts in OpenType format.

Clip Art

IslamiClip Calligraphic Designs #1
IslamiClip Patterns and Borders #2
IslamiClip Calligraphic Designs #3
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Articles and Presentations

The Art of Arabic Calligraphy
Muslim Calligraphers in America
An Islamic Image: Calligraphy as Graphics
An Islamic Image: English in Arabic Garb
Arabic Calligraphy on the Internet (in Arabic)
Arabic Type: a challenge for the 2nd millennium
Calligraphy Conference in Samarkand
Khat Naqsh in the work of three Iranian calligraphers
Carrying on the intricate art of Arabic calligraphy. By Anayat Durrani
THE ART OF BUSINESS: Turning a Centuries-old Art into a Business. By Anayat Durrani
Interview with Elaph Internet Magazine (in Arabic)
A Brief Survey of Proposals to Simplify Arabic Script. By Mamoun Sakkal
Modern Arabic Typography: Challenges and Opportunities
OpenType for Fine Arabic Typography
red_sqaure Calligraphers signatures in Square Kufic
red_sqaure Compatibility between Arabic and Latin publications
red_square What did OpenType open for Arabic typography?
diamond Writing Backwards: Designing Arabic Typefaces
diamond Sqaure Kufic in Identity Design by Dr. Mamoun Sakkal
diamond Mysteries of Square Kufic Calligraphy
diamond Principles of Square Kufic Design
diamond Double Square Square Kufic patterns in Samarkand
diamond Origins of Square Kufic

  Calligraphy Links

Zakariya Calligraphy
Ali Rouhfar's Nastaliq calligraphy
Nastaliq calligraphy
Arabic Translation
Arabic Translation, and transliteration
Painter Gallery
Multicultural Foundation of Education Calligrpahy Resources
Profiles of Muslim American artists
Hroof Arabiya magazine
IRCICA Inernational Calligraphy Competition
Arabian Gallery: Calligraphy work of Hassan Mourad.
Islamic Calligraphy Art.
dot Write Square Kufic on the Web here, and see Qasim Hidar Square Kufic work here.



Calligraphic Prints

square Arabic calligraphy examples by style.

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  Calligraphy Instruction

Kufi, Square Kufi, and computer Thuluth.

  Children's Pictorial Series

Lutfi al-Sakkal's pioneering publishing project 1943-1945 .

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