IslamiClip FAQ


Q: I purchased your calligraphic designs clip art collection, but I can't install it on my computer to use it. What should I do?
A: This is a collection of images that you import, insert, or place in a document you create in another program that can accept EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) format graphics. You should NOT try to INSTALL or RUN the software included on IslamiClip diskette(s). Rather you should COPY the images included on the diskette(s) to a directory or folder you create on your hard drive to store the images in a convenient place until you need to use them.
To copy the images to your hard drive follow the directions in your operating system's User's Guide.
You can also use the images directely from the floppy disk. If you want to do that, please make a back-up copy and save the original in a safe place.

To use any image in this collection you have to start the word processing, page layout, or drawing program of your choice, then use the appropriate commands to bring the graphic file to your document. Please review the documentation in your program to learn about using graphics files if you are not yet familiar with this process. Check the index to locate the necessary information under Graphics-import or Graphics-insert, or Graphics-open. Also check under Graphics-formats to make sure your program can read EPS files if it is not listed on the back of the enclosed letter.

Microsoft Word version 5.0+ will read EPS files. Open a new or an existing document, position the cursor at the point you wish to place the image, and select Picture under the Insert menu. Find the image you want to use on your hard drive or your backup disk and double click on its file name. After the image appears on your page you can crop it by clicking and dragging one of its handles. You can scale the graphic by holding down the shift key while clicking and dragging.


Q: I am Interested in buying a program (Arabic writing) from you, but I am not sure if it would work on my pc. My pc has Win95 in English, please E.mail me back with info on whether it would work or not (S. H.).
A: The collection of Arabic calligraphic images included in our IslamiClip software will work in Windows 95 English version. All you need is a program that accepts EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) graphic format, such as MS Word, WordPerfect, PageMaker, QuarkXpress, and many others. You will also need a PostSript printer to get high quality images with smooth curves, sharp edges, and no Jaggies (the bitmap rough edges).
If you want to modify the images you need to open them in a PostScript drawing program such as CorelDraw, Illustrator, FreeHand and some others.
This software is not a word processor, so it will not allow you to type a lengthy text in Arabic. If you need a word processing program in Arabic please check Aramedia at <> or World Language Resources at <>.


Q: I opened a calligraphic image in CorelDraw for PC, but I can't revise it or add color to it.
A: Use the command Import as Postsctipt Interpreted from the File menu, and you will be able to modify the image as you need. (Thanks to M. A. S. for this tip)


Q: When I open one of your clips using the graphics of WordPerfect and scale up the clip, I get zig-zag edges, not the straight lines you have in your clip (H. N.).
A: When you enlarge an image it may not display with smooth edges on the screen, but should print fine if the printer has PostScript in it. Please try to print and let me know what happens.

For questions related to other subjects please go to Sakkal FAQ page.

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