Arabic Typography and Calligraphy
for Architectural and Urban Projects

Internationally renowned type designer, calligrapher, and graphic designer Mamoun Sakkal, PhD, will produce unique designs to suite your particular needs. Previous work was used to enhance various buildings interiors and exteriors especially for mosques and Islamic clutural and community centers throught North America. Arabic calligraphy has been used traditionally to enhance the aesthetic and spiritual experience in Islamic mosques, and we carry on this tradition forward by providing appropriate and inspired calligraphic works for both traditional and contemporary mosque projects.

Designs are done in several styles:
Kufi with its many variation: Early Kufi, Eastern Kufi, Foliate Kufi, Knotted Kufi, and Square Kufi.
Cursive with its many styles: Naskh, Thuluth, Nastaliq, and Diwani.
Modern calligraphy and typography if non of the above is appropriate for your application.


Arabic Typography and Calligraphy for Architectural Projects
diamond Arabic calligraphy and interior decoration for mihrab of Mas Katy Mosque in Texas.
diamond Arabic corporate typeface for Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

diamond Arabic Kufic calligraphy for mihrab of Stanford Islamic Center in Connecticut.


dot Arabic Thuluth calligraphy for dome of Mosque in California based on Hagia Sophia mosque dome design.

dot Arabic calligraphy for three fountains in private residence in California.

dot Arabic calligraphy in traditional Kufic style for the interior of the central exhibition hall dome, Rays of Light.

dot Arabic calligraphy in Jali Thuluth style for a private jet.

dot Design for The Unknown Soldier Monument, Aleppo, Syria (project).

dot Arabic calligraphy in Square Kufic style for interior of walls and dome of private villa in Spain.

dot Arabic calligraphy in Square Kufic style for Masjid Omar Al-Farouq in Mountlake Terrace, Washington.

dot Arabic calligraphy in Jali Thuluth style for a mosque in Canada (project)

dot Arabic calligraphy in Kufic style for Burnaby Mosque in BC, Canada.

Arabic calligraphy in Square Kufic style for a new mosque in Arizona.

Commission Information

dot Please budget $200 per hour with a minimum of 5 hours to be paid in advance, plus cost of shipping and media production. Artwork will be provided in printed or digital format as you request when we begin the project.

Turnaround time depeneds on the scope of the project and can be within 2 weeks for focused projects. Priority rush is possible for additional charges. Provide us with your project requirements, including your objective for the project design, the style and type you prefer, region of use, size, and time schedule and we will provide a more detailed project budget for your approval. Thank you. Contact us: mamoun[at]sakkal[dot]com

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updated 05/07/2016