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DecoType Professional Naskh


DecoType, Designers of Computer-aided Typography, have developed a digital version of the Arabic Naskh script.

They dubbed it DTP Naskh which, of course, stands for DecoType Professional Naskh.

It is the first time the Naskh typeface becomes available on any computer platform in its classical guise. Naskh script forms the mainstay of Arabic typesetting fonts and DecoType have been careful to trace the calligraphic origins of the script before embarking on this totally new digitization endeavor. Other great calligraphic scripts like Thulth and Ruq'ah are to follow.

DecoType Naskh

Microsoft licensed a limited sample of the typeface, called DecoType Naskh, for inclusion in the Arabic and Persian editions of Word 6.0 for Windows.

DecoType Professional Naskh

As a font pack for Windows, the complete DTP Naskh typeface consists of 31 TrueType fonts affording the user unprecedented refinement in the rendering of Arabic script. It is provided on a 1.44 Mb 3.5" diskette with a bilingual Arabic and English manual. This booklet, itself an illustration of the potential of the design, explains the use of each feature of DTP Naskh in detail.

As an integrated addition to PageMaker 5.5 ME, DTP Naskh is expanded and optimized for use with the DecoTypeSetter. This new addition to PageMaker controls all the effects characteristic of well-designed Arabic typography. DecoType technology introduces the perfectly curved kashidah and the stretched fathah to match it - just one of the remarkable features of DTP Naskh in PageMaker.

This font is no longer available for sale. Please see other Arabic fonts here

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