Examples of Arabic Font and Type Design by Mamoun Sakkal

List of Sakkal Design Arabic typefaces

Al-Futtaim Custom Typeface
A font especilly designed for legiblity
Sakkal Kufi Typeface Family
Extended family of traditional Arabic Kufi fonts
Arabic TypeSetting Typeface
A Naskh font designed for Microsoft Windows.

Sakkal Majalla Typeface Super-Family
The new standard for Magazine text setting

Arabtek Typeface
Arabic font compatible with Teknik Latin
Sakkal Maya Typeface
Arabic font based on Estern Kufi
Sakkal Baseet Typeface
A bold display font of monumental proportions
Sakkal Sameh Typeface
A simple, geometric Arabic font
Hasan Alquds Typeface
A display font with a fun, youthful attitude
Sakkal Seta Typeface
A soft version of Sakkal Maya font
MS Uighur Typeface
Designed for Microsoft Corporation
Sakkal Shilia Typeface
A modern Arabic font based on Kufi
Bustan Typeface
A versatile display font with alternates
Lablab Typeface
A fun and youthful display font
AwanZaman Typeface
A dual-script versatile typeface

Sakkal Kitab Typeface
A fine traditional Naskh for books


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compatiblity_tn Compatibility between Arabic and Latin publications. Paper given at Conference on Bilingual Computing, University of Cambridge, 1990. nonLatin What did OpenType open for Arabic typography?
Presentation by Mamoun Sakkal at Non–Latin typeface design conference, London, 2007.
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Interview with Stuart Tayler, mostely about the relationship between calligraphy and typogrpahy, and Arabic and Latin.

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Intricate OT in Arabic. A private presentation at Microsoft Studio H Typography & Design event, 2014.

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Arabic Justification Examples. Examples of auto justification of Arabic text and a variety of fonts and applications, 2015.

Updated 07/14/2021