Examples of Arabic Type Design by Mamoun Sakkal

Sakkal Majalla

Sakkal Majalla is an Arabic typeface family that includes the full range of letters and special characters needed for fine typography.
This Arabic font is designed for text setting of extended texts in magazines, newspapers, books, and other publications.
Advanced OpenType features allow for many variations in the shapes of letters to best fit the context of the surrounding letters. Such features were reserved in the past only for high-end traditional Arabic fonts.

This font family is available in five weights in regular and condensed width. It covers the complete range of languages that use the Arabic scripts. It is the ideal basis for creating new custom versions for street and airport Arabic signs, corporate use, and publications. For inquiries on custom versions please contact Dr. Mamoun Sakkal.

Two weights of Sakkal Majalla are licensed to Microsoft Corporation and included in Windows as a system Arabic core font. These have a matching Latin section for regular and bold weights designed by Steve Matteson of Ascender Corporation. These fonts were expanded in 2014 to cover all the Unicode standard Arabic up to version 7.0.

To license the Windows version of Sakkal Majalla in regular and bold weights, please visit To license The enhanced version of Sakkal Majalla in 5 weights with matching Latin, please contact Bill Davis at Monotype.


Updated 09/01/2014

Updated 02/01/2013