TDC2 2003: Type Directors Club Type Design Competition

The judging of TDC2 2003 : Type Directors Club Type Design Competition 2002 took place in New York City. There were 119 submissions from twenty countries. Fifteen entries were selected by the jury to represent the best in type design for the year 2002. Two of these winning entries are Sakkal Type typefaces: Sakkal Seta Pro and Arabic Typesetting.

Sakkal Seta Pro is a modern headline typeface with many stylistic variations based on Eastern Kufi calligraphy. This version of the typeface with updated OpenType features was developed for inclusion in Adobe InDesign and Photoshop ME software (Middle East versions). Thanks are due to the type team at Winsoft in France and to Hasan Abu Afash in Gaza, Palestine, for their tireless efforts in this long process.

Arabic Typesetting is an elegant printing Naskh typeface with finely tuned tashkeel (vocalization) marks and a compatible Latin typeface. This typeface was developed for Microsoft Corporation and will be included with the next upgrade of Office. The original font was conceived and programmed by Paul Nelson from Microsoft Typography, and the Latin part of the font was designed by John Hudson from Tiro TypeWorks in Vancouver, BC.

See complete competition results and schedule of exhibition in various venues and upcoming events.

Sakkal Seta and Arabic Typesetting entries appear in the TDC2 2003 exhibit pictures at TypeCon 2003

Some pictures from TDC2 show opening at Parsons School of Design in New York are shown below

Carol Wahler, Executive Director of TDC and Mamoun Sakkal

Tariq Atrissi, author of ArabicTypography website and Mamoun Sakkal

Mamoun Sakkal with author of many typography and design books Spencer Drate

New York graphic designer James Reyman and Mamoun Sakkal

Partial view of exhibition

TDC2 2003 : Type Directors Club Type Design Competition 2003, New York.