Examples of Type Design by Mamoun Sakkal

Sakkal Seta
Sakkal Seta Light, Sakkal Seta Medium, Sakkal Seta Bold Arabic typefaces
Sakkal Seta is included in PageMaker ME 6.5
The font family takes advantage of DecoTypeSetter technology
and provides the typographer with many variations for high quality typesetting.
This font is updated with OpenType technology and was included with Adobe InDesign ME and PhotoShop ME unitl 2003.
| Artistic Examples of Sakkal Seta | Commercial Example one | Commercial Example two |
This typeface is featured in Arabic Typography, a Comprehensive Sourcebook by Huda Smithshuijzen AbifFaris, Saqi Books, London, 2001, p. 219.

This typeface is featured in Typography 24: The Annual of the Type Director's Club, Harper Design International, New York, 2003, p. 298.

Winner of Award of Excellence in Type Design
TDC2 2003 : Type Directors Club Type Design Competition 2002, New York.

Updated 09/01/2014