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kitab_tn Sakkal Kitab

Sakkal Kitab is an exquisite traditional Naskh typeface that preserves the elegance and beauty of calligraphic Arabic. Sakkal Kitab, ‘kitab’ meaning ‘book’, is drawn in a contemporary fashion while managing to seamlessly marry heritage with present-day aesthetics. The calligraphic mastery and skill of the exemplar letterforms has been beautifully carried into the digital fonts with remarkable grace and aplomb.

The first version of Sakkal Kitab was designed between 2015 and 2017 by Dr. Mamoun Sakkal and Aida Sakkal, and licensed to Amazon for use in its Kindle Arabic books in two weights. The first version had 1,002 glyphs. After updating and expanding with numerous additions and improvements, the font now has 2,356 glyphs. The current version is a new release offered to the public for the first time through and exclusively through

Sakkal Kitab Arabic typeface family received First Prize for Arabic text typefaces and Grand Prize in Granshan's 12th Typeface Design Competition 2021/2022. To learn more about Sakkal Kitab's features, please click the BROCHURE link below.
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