Examples of Type Design by Mamoun Sakkal

MS Uighur

Uighur is a Turkic language of the Muslims who live in Xinjiang province in northwestern China. MS Uighur is a text typeface designed for the Uighur language, which uses a modified version of the Arabic script. Traditional Uighur typefaces were based on a Persian model, and this new typeface follows the same tradition. The typeface is designed for maximum legibility of text, especially in small sizes, and incorporates a subtle calligraphic quality, which gives it a fresh vitality and energy. Dr. Hamit Zakir, a visiting Uighur scholar from Xinjiang, China, described this typeface as the most beautiful Uighur font he has ever seen.

Mamoun Sakkal designed this typeface after studying Uighur publications printed using both metal and digital typefaces. He also reviewed traditional calligraphy in Arabic script of the Uighur people.

Winner of Award of Excellence in Type Design
TDC2 2004: Type Directors Club Type Design Competition 2003, New York.

The Latin portion of the font was designed by John Hudson of Tiro Typeworks.

This font was commissioned by Microsoft Corporation for inclusion in Windows. It is part of the languages of China but it is available for users of other languages as well.

To license this font please visit Ascender Corporation website

Updated 09/01/2014