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bustan_tn Bustan

Bustan is a new Arabic display typeface inspired by Kairawani Kufic and cursive Sunbuli. Bustan has updated proportions and details, and is distinguished by its traditional serenity, modern aesthetics, and a rich set of letter variants.

This typeface is the result of collaboration between the Syrian calligrapher Jamal Bustan, the designer of the typeface, and Dr. Mamoun Sakkal who carried its development and release. The programmer was Aida Sakkal.


Title examples set in Bustan and its variations

Stylistic Sets are used to adjust width of words and lines (top 5 lines) or to add and increase flourishes (bottom 5 lines)

Bustan has nearly 4000 glyphs to provide proper letter forms for automatic contextual relationships on one hand, and on the other hand enables the user to choose from a wide variety of swash and flourish letters to suite their graphic needs. Stylistic alternates and flourishes gradually evolve from simple to complex. They can be applied via 20 stylistic sets in programs such as InDesign, where several sets can be combined for a myriad of different compositions. The large number of variants makes Bustan akin to having 10 fonts in one.

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