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Best Wishes for a Happy Eid
Eidul Fitr at the End of Ramadan and Edul Adha at the end of Hajj

Eid Dates

Elegant and tasteful. These Eid Greeting Cards are the perfect blend of authentic Arab and Islamic art traditions with modern colors and production techniques. They will enhance the beauty of your greetings and will be treasured by the recipients for a long time to come. We have seen customers buy our printed greeting cards for framing.

All the cards with the word "Eid" are appropriate for any Islamic holidays, such as end of Ramadan, Adha, Qurbani, etc. The statement Eid Mubarak means "Have a blessed holiday". Other cards are also appropriate for Muslim and Arab holiday, please review the information about each card by clicking on the card image below.

These designs are available as a greeting cards size 4.675"X6.25" for order No. ending with SG, folded with blank space inside so you can write your own greeting message. At back of each card the transliteration and meaning of the phrase are included. Not all designs are available in all formats.

Eid ul-Fitr: May 13-15, 2021

Eid ul-Adha: July 20-24 2021   

Eid ul-Fitr takes place at the end of the fasting month of Ramadan.
Eid ul-Adha takes place at the end of Hajj (pilgrimage) to Mecca.

The exact Eid dates may be one day different from the above since they are confirmed by observing the moon of the new Hijri month.

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Eid Mubarak Diwani
Order No: 208-SG


Holiday Dahlias
Order No: 501-SG

Holiday Calla Lilies
Order No: 502-SG

Holiday Roses
Order No: 503-SG
Holiday Flower
Order No: 504-SG
Emir Rose
Order No: 505-SG

Holiday Dahlia Kufi
Order No: 506-SG
Eid Mubarak
Order No: 812-SG
Eid Mubarak
Order No: 205-SG

Eid Mubarak
Order No: 205-SG-b


Moroccan Tile
Order No: 921-SG

Arabesque Moon
Order No: 914-SG


Arabesque Sun
Order No: 911-SG
Love & Peace
Order No: 906-SG
Allahu Qadeer
Order No: 905-SG


Peace, Love
Order No: 904-SG

Steps and Shadows #3
Order No: 903-SG

God is Beautiful and He Loves Beauty

Order No: 902-SG

Eid Mubarak
Order No: 804-SG

Eid Mubarak
Order No: 803-SG

Eid Mubarak
Order No: 802-SG

Eid Mubarak
Order No: 801-SG
Order No: 801-G


Eid Mubarak
Order No: 204-SG

Eid Mubarak
Order No: 201-SG

Kullu Aamen wa Antum Bikhair
Order No: 702-SG


Kullu Aamen WA Antum Bikhair
Order No: 703-G


Eid Mubarak
Order No: 822-SG

Peace on Earth 02
Order No: 603-G

Justice, Peace
Order No: 602-G

Eid Mubarak
Order No: 203-SG

The price for a minimum order of one pack of 10 Greeting Cards with white matching envelopes in crystal clear sealed bag is $15.00.
You can mix and match any designs in your order.
If you order some cards as a gift to be shipped directly to another address, we will be happy to include a card stating "Compliments of your name". Please send an e-mail message to and tell us if you want this service.

Prices and Quantity discounts are as follows:
1 Pack $15.00 per pack
2-3 Packs $14.50 per pack
4-7 Packs $14.00 per pack
8-12 Pack $13.50 per pack
13-25 Pack $13.00 per pack
26-50 Pack $12.00 per pack
51-100 Pack $11.00 per pack
101-200 Pack $10.00 per pack
For larger quantities, please write for additional discounts:

Online: Order by secure server online HERE.
Please write the Order No. and quantity of the card designs you like in the "Note to Seller" field at the end of the order form. The online order form does NOT show these numbers again.
Please make sure to include your phone number information.
If you have any questions please call (425)483-8830 or fax (425)483-9707.
By mail: Mail your order with a check or money order to:
Sakkal Design
1523 175th Place SE
Bothell, WA 98012
Orders are shipped within 24 hours except for items on backorder, most orders ship same day.

Shipping and handling charges:

   U.S/Terr. Canada  Other Foreign
 First pack  $5.95  $14.95 Not Available
 Each additional pack  $1.50  $3.00 Not Available
Two day Express Delivery is no longer available, so please order your cards early.

The greeting cards sell usually for $2.00 -2.25 each, or $20 -22.50 per pack. Buy some to raise funds for your organization, or to educate and connect your community to its heritage. These greeting cards are designed and produced to the highest quality standards, and are sure to impress your audience.

If you want to order some cards for your upcoming event, or to send for next Eid, please do that soon to make sure you will get them in time. Some designs may sell out, and some production time may be required to fulfill large orders .

When you order online, please write the Order No. and quantity of the card designs you like
in the [Special Handling Instructions] field. The online order form does NOT show these numbers again.

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