Examples of Type Design by Mamoun Sakkal



Examples of compatibility of Shilia Arabic typeface with Latin Sans Serif companion font Linotype Univers


Top to bottom: Shilia Compressed weights (5), Shilia Condensed weights (8), and Shilia Normal weights (8)

For its release by Linotype, Shilia typeface family has been expanded to 21 styles, 8 normal width styles were launched on March 15, 2012, and 8 condensed and 5 compressed styles were launched on March 15, 2020.

The family has been completely updated by its designer Mamoun Sakkal and programmer Aida Sakkal to harmonize with its companion Latin, Linotype Univers designed by Adrian Frutiger, which is included with the released Arabic fonts.
Shilia supports Arabic, Persian, Urdu, and Panjabi, in addition to European languages. It also allows users to write Arabic in the Maghribi/North African tradition.

A limited time introductory offer of 75% the regular price gives you 21 styles for a little more than the price of one weight.  


Shilia typeface is featured in Arabic Typography, a Comprehensive Sourcebook by Huda Smithshuijzen AbiFaris, Saqi Books, London, 2001, p. 220.

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