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Thank you for your interest in our clip art software.

IslamiClip is a collection of high quality Arabic and Islamic graphics for the desktop publisher and computer graphics user, manually drawn for control and refinement, and presented in Encapsulated PostScript outline format (EPS), to provide smooth drawings when printed in small or large sizes.

The first available collection for Macintosh and IBM - PC and compatible computers is Calligraphic Designs #1, which contains 33 of the best and most useful images to enhance newsletters, stationary, covers, posters, cards, or any publication that can benefit from a distinctively Arabic or Islamic artwork. This artwork can be used with PageMaker, MS Word, Quark Xpress and other programs that accept EPS format drawings. It fulfills a definite need in the market for high quality Arabic and Islamic graphics for computer users, and is advertised nationally in Arab and Muslim publications.

The software package contains a disk(s), User's Guide, and introduction letter with installation instructions, all in English. The retail price is $54.95 in the US, and $69.95 overseas. We will send you our Dealer's Discount Schedule upon receiving your request, as well as any additional information you may need.

Thank you again for your interest, I look forward to a mutually rewarding relationship.


Mamoun Sakkal,
Sakkal Design


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