Children's Pictorial Series by Lutfi Sakkal

By Dr. Mamoun Sakkal

From 1943 to 1945 my late father, Lutfi Sakkal published a series of small children's books on a bi-weely basis. In all, 40 issues were published with some in more than one edition. This was a pioneering effort to provide the children in Aleppo, Syria, and other parts of the Arab Middle East with reading material suitable for their age, needs and abilities. I intend to provide more information about the children's pictorial series on this page.


Author Fatima Shannown studied the full series and wrote an analysis illustrated with multiple images of these booklets and their contents. I had the pleasure of helping in the layout and production of the document and am grateful to her for offering her work to the general public on this website.

Get pdf file of the complete book by ©Fatima Shannown here


Issue number 29 was titled "The Happy Prince."
First edition, December 1944.
Three Unusual Stories: The Happy Prince, The Master Cat, and The Selfish Giant.
First story by Al-Asadi, M. Khair al-Din, second story by Lutfi Sakkal, third story by Al-Asadi, M. Khair al-Din; the three stories in this issue were inspired by English and French literature.
Published by Lutfi Sakkal. 31 small size pages (4.5”x6”, 11.25cmx15.25cm), 8 interior illustrations signed KB. ©Mamoun Sakkal 2019


Get pdf file of the complete booklet issue 29 here


Issue number 32 was titled "The Wedding of Ruha".
First edition, February 1945.
Adapted from English by Al-Asadi, M. Khair al-Din. Also included are five short stories by children readers.
Published by Lutfi Sakkal. 34 small size pages (4.5”x6”, 11.25cmx15.25cm).
3 interior illustrations signed Khaled al-Asali, and five pages of cartoon panels by a Eurepean artist.
©Mamoun Sakkal 2019


Get pdf file of the complete booklet issue 32 here


Updated 12/06/2019