Principles of Square Kufic Calligraphy

Article by Dr. Mamoun Sakkal
Published in Hroof Arabiyya magazine, vol. 4, issue 13, Oct. 2004

The development of Square Kufic calligraphy in the 12th century was an exceptional step towards simplification in Kufic styles that evolved towards more complexity in the preceding centuries. This style, originally an architectural epigraphic style, is distinguished by its straight lines, right angles, and equal spacing between lines and spaces to conform to a regular grid.
This article introduces a brief history of the development of Square Kufic calligraphy on architecture, the principles of its design and numerous variations, as well as examples of its use in modern works of art and design. From this review, it is evident that Square Kufic calligraphy is experiencing renewed interest after decades of neglect.

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