Published 29 papers, primarily dealing with Arabic calligraphy and Islamic geometry. (List)

- “Arabic Calligraphy: From Script to Art” in Inscription as Art in the World of Islam, Habibeh Rahim, ed., AMS Press, New York, forthcoming.

- “The Art of Arabic Calligraphy” reprinted in Arabic Font Specimen Book by Edo Smitshuijzen, De Buitenkant, Amsterdam, 2009.

- “Square Kufic Calligraphy in Identity Design,” Identity magazine, No. 8, Autumn, 2006, pp. 78-82 (translated to and published in Russian).

- “Principles of Square Kufic Design,” Hrouf Arabiyya (Arabic Letters Journal), issue 13, Dubai, October 2004, pp. 4-12. In Arabic

- “Muqarnas: The making of a New Term in Islamic Architecture,” paper presented at Historians of Islamic Art Annual Majlis, University of Washington, Seattle, Wa, February 21, 2004.

- “Mysteries of Square Kufi” in Future Vision, issue 12, 2003. BH Publishing, London, pp. 16-18.


Delivered 84 lectures, presentations, and workshops, primarily dealing with Arabic calligraphy, typography, and Islamic art and architecture. (List)

- “Typographic Connections to Square Kufic” Typecon 2016, Seattle, August 26, 2016.

- “Intersecting Squares: Geometric Compositions of Square Kufic Calligraphy in Bibi Khanum Mosque, Samarkand,” Joint Mathematics Meetings conference, Seattle, January 9, 2016.

- “Arabic Calligraphy: Script and Art,” Seattle Pacific University, November 23, 2015.

- “Arabic Calligraphy: Script and Art,” School of Visual Concepts, Seattle, WA, June 11, 2012, November 5, 2012, April 25, 2013, June 27, 2013, January 13, 2014, and March 16, 2015.

- “Arabic Calligraphy: Script and Art,” Bellevue College, Arabic Culture Heritage Week, June 4, 2015.

- “Intricate Behavior in Arabic Fonts,” Typography and Design: A Special Event, Microsoft Corporation, Redmond, WA, November 6, 2014.

- “Square Kufic Calligraphy,” Kuwait’s 6th International Islamic Arts Convention, Kuwait, December 30, 2013.

- “Arabic Calligraphy: Script and Art,” Evergreen State College, Olympia, WA, May 26, 2007, April 10, 2010, and October 29, 2013.


Work published and reviewed in 95 books, journals, newspapers, and TV programs (List):

- 10 logo design books (total of 46 logos)
- 12 typography books, annuals, and journals
- 21 calligraphy and graphic design books, journals, and textbooks
- 6 architecture journals
- 46 reviews in books, magazines, newspapers, and TV programs

- Typographic work “Fadli Rabbi Arabesque” is selected as a winning entry in Communication Arts 2017 Typography Competition

• “Global success of Islamic calligraphy rests on awareness among Arab minorities, says Burj Khalifa typeface designer” by Heba Hashim, published in Salam Global Islamic Economy Gateway, 12/08/2016

- Typographic work featured in “Typography 36: The Annual of the Type Directors Club,” Verlag Hermann Schmidt, Mainz, Germany, 2015. Bustan typeface is featured on page 342

- Arabic calligraphy logotype selected for the book “LogoLounge 9” by Bill Gardner and Anne Hellman, 2015

- 13 Arabic calligraphy works and biography appeared in Islamic Society of North America Hijrah calendar for the year 1436/2015. ISNA, Plainfiled, 2015

- Calligraphic artwork “Peace/Love Dove” is featured in greeting card by RPCVs of Wisconsin-Madison, 2015

- “Custom Arabic Corporate Typeface for Burj Khalifa in Dubai” featuring Shilia typeface is published in the book Best Wayfinding Design (Vol. 2 Commercial/Education), High Design publishing, 2015, pp. 157-63

- “Khatt Bustan” (Bustan Typeface), review of new Arabic typeface appeared in Hroof Arabiyya magazine, Dubai, Issue 34, October 2014, pp. 50-52

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