Abu Dawud, Computer Graphics Artist

Abu Dawud is a Muslim Graphic Designer living in the UK. Ever since he can remember he was fascinated with Islamic art, in particular geometric patterns and shapes culminating into his love for Moorish and Andalusian Architecture as well as the Architecture from the Muslim lands of central Asia. His love of calligraphy stemmed from the Arabic inscriptions found in many of the Great Islamic buildings such as the Al-Hambra in Spain and the Taj Mahal in India.

He graduated in 1999 from the University of East London with a BSC in Maths and Computing. It was during his time at university he bought his first computer and started experimenting with Islamic art and modern day digital techniques, and ever since he hasn’t looked back. He says that there is a lot of great artwork out there but not enough contemporary Islamic work, especially in relation to the 3d world. He hopes that some of his work will inspire others to take suit and progress into designing in 3d.

As regards calligraphy, he adores Arabic calligraphy and finds the letters Waw and Qaf to be his favourite. “These letters have a magic about them with their curves and twists. They seem to have so much mystery and elegance about them.” He is extremely fond of the Deewani and Kufi scripts.

All his work is done digitally and he works happily on a state of the art Mac and PC. He has been commissioned to do work for various reputed Muslim organizations from around the UK which include Message of Islam, Mountain of Light, Islamic Society of Britain, Young Muslims UK, Trends Magazine, Zeal Magazine, UK Islamic Mission and Damask Media amongst others, as well as non Muslim organizations.

He hopes in future to bring out work in the form of 3D modeling of Islamic Calligraphy and a 3D walk through of Islamic Buildings like the great Mosque of Cordoba in its past glory.

Abu Dawud accepts design commissions from concept to design to finished print work.
Please call on +44 020 8472 6542 or email

The mastery of Abu Dawud is obvious immediately. His work based on our clip art collection shows some of the best images we have seen of the use of this clip art. His work is challenging to the imagination and pleasing to the eye.

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