“The best Art is that which glorifies Allah (swt) and his messenger (saaw), and makes you praise them out aloud!"

I grew up with a love for art and painting and design. I completed my studies at The University of Westminster, in London in 1992, specialising in Fashion design taught by the talented British designer Abe Hamilton.

After leaving the university, my art interest took a bit of a turn. My love for Islamic art deepened and extensive gallery visits further fuelled my interest in calligraphy and modern Islamic art and architecture. I like to mix modern techniques and mediums with traditional calligraphy styles. So although my work can be seen as modern it sits perfectly at home with more traditional tastes.

After a lengthy career that was not related to art, I, together with a friend, started MAHEL and began to produce Islamic art and cards. We have attended events with many UK Islamic Charities, schools and mosques. At every event we had great feedback and response. Along with several private commissions, we had some interest from media companies such as Bloomberg and Damask Media. 3 years on we now have a good client base.

As well as traditional paint and canvas, I have produced many works on different media and have excelled in digital art and Glass art that incorporates calligraphy on glass with a contemporary feel. I have also produced greeting cards and decorative and educational gift items both in Islamic and more secular styles. I am a member of IMAN (Islamic Muslimah Artists Network).

I hope that one-day digital Islamic art will be recognised alongside traditional Islamic art and that Calligraphy continues to be revered in years to come as a vital component of skill from the Islamic World.

For more information about my work you can email me at or for more examples of Rafia’s work please visit Mahel at

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