Fareed Abd.Raheem Al-Ali, Calligrapher

Born in Kuwait in 1957 / the Calligrapher Fareed Al-Ali is a member of the Kuwait Society for Formative Arts (KSFA), the UAE Society for Formative Arts, the IAA (UNESCO), and the Egyptian Association of Arab Calligraphy .

Local Art Exhibitions:
The 9th liberation day Exhibition (April 2000) / Exhibition of Arabic Calligraphy "the written Art" at Dar AlFunoon (Nov.99)
The Art Charity Exhibition for KOSOVO (fine art gallery May 99)
Exhibition on the Kuwait P.O.Ws. (March 99)
Exhibition on Protection of Environmental Pollution (Sheraton 99)
The Kuwait Plastic Artists Exhibition (Tala Center,Feb.99)
Hala February Art Exhibition (Safir 99,2000)
The 1st charity artists exhibition (99)
Kuwait Comprehensive Plastic Artists Exhibition of the Kuwait Artists(Boshihri Gallery 98)
Participated in the Kuwait Artist Comperhensive Exhibition at 2nd & 6th Qurain Cultural Festival (dec.97) & (nov.99)
Exhibition of the prisoner of war Mohamed Al-Mutairi Kuwaiti.Journalists Association (97)
Exhibition of Arab Calligraphy in the frame work of the Holy Quran Conference (97)
Exhibition on the Martyrs (97)
Liberation Day Exhibition.(97)
Arab calligraphy of the Kadma Islamic Heritage Exhibition (96)
1st Exhibition of Arab Calligraphy of (Kuwait. university 83)
Exhibition of the Kuwait National Museum (83)
Exhibition on Kuwait National Days since 1983
Eexhibition on the International year of children as well as in Hunting and Equestrian club exhibit 79
He participated in the art exhibitions of KSFA since 1978

Global Participation:
Kuwaity Art Exhibition (Qatar Feb.2000)
The 19th Exh.(Sharja-UAE Jan.2000)
The Exhibition of International Art at Gallery 21-(Florida-USA oct.99)
Kuwait - Lebanon brotherhood Art Exhibition (98)
Art Exhibition of P.O.Ws LONDON (96)
Kuwaity Art Exhibitions (Sofia 85&86)
Kuwaity Art Exhibition (Seoul86)
1st Exhibition by GCC in (Tokyo 85)
1st Exhibition of plastic Arts and Domestic Industrials by GCC (UAE,85)
Kuwait Contemporary Art Exhibition (Sharja-UAE 85)
Kuwaity Art Exhibition (France 85) .

Representative of Kuwait & participation:
Museum of Arab Calligraphy (Indiana University-USA 98)
The Islamic festival for Calligrapher and Arts (Tehran 97)
Baghdad International Calligraphy and Arabesque (Bagdad 1988)
Bozan Biennial-Korea (87)
The Contemporary Art Exhibition (Oman, 83)
KSFA Art Exhibition (Al-Khafji 83 , 84 , 99)

Solo Exhibitions:
The 11th exhibition at the Large Teaching Mosque (Shian , China May 1999)
The 10th at "Lala" gallery (Tehran, Iran 99)
The 9th at Al-Sharja Heritage Village (Sharja, UAE 99)
The 8th at the Cultural Complex (Abo-Dhabi , UAE 98)
The 7th at Beirut Arab University Beirut-Lebanon 98)
The 6th at Dar Al-Opra (Cairo 98)
The 5th at Qasr Al-Tathawoq (Alexandria 97)
The 4th at Qasr Al-Thakafa- Al-Mansourah (Egypt 97)
The 3rd at Al-Azhar (Beit Zeinab Khatoon-Cairo 97)
The second at KSFA(Kuwait 97)
The first exhibition at the Woman Cultural Society(Kuwait 80)

Prizes and Honoraria's:
Emblem of the first issuance of (the Formations of the revered word "Allah") 97 in addition to many other art work for various ministries and institutions
The Ministry of Finance Governmental Import Stamps
Designer of the Ministry of Public Works motto contest designer of Rumaithiya Co-op sociey's as well as Qurain Co-op Society's logos
Many other emblems, Posters, Diary designs
He is the designer of 4th Memorial on the occasion of the 5th Islamic Summit Conference held in Kuwait
The Arab Housing Day Emblem (92)
An Honorary Certificate by H.H. Sheihk Saad Al-Abdulla Al-Salem Al-Sabah Crown Prince Minister
He had awarded the first prize with an honorary certificate at the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor on the National Day Exhibition

Mr. Al-Ali accepts calligraphic commissions. Please contact him at:
Kuwait Society for Formative Art P.O Box 11036 Dasma 35151 Kuwait
Tel (965) 2611863 Fax (965) 2654139 - Mobile 9013043 - Pager 9148258

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