Children's Pictorial Library by Lutfi Sakkal

By Dr. Mamoun Sakkal

From 1943 to 1945, Lutfi Sakkal published a series of children's small books on a bi-weely basis. In all, 40 issues were published with some in more than one edition. This was a pioneering effort to provide children in Aleppo, Syria, and other parts of the Arab Middle East with reading material suitable for their needs and abilities, and thus I intend to provide more information about this project in this page.

Issue number 29 was titled "The Happy Prince." Three Unusual Stories: The Happy Prince, The Master Cat, and The Selfish Giant
First edition, December 1944
First story by Al-Asadi, M. Khair al-Din, second story by Lutfi Sakkal, third story by Al-Asadi, M. Khair al-Din, the three stories in this issue were inspired by English and French literature.
Published by Lutfi Sakkal. 31 small size pages (4.5”x6”, 11.25cmx15.25cm), 8 interior illustrations signed KB. ©Mamoun Sakkal 2019


Get pdf file of the complete booklet issue 29 here


Issue number 32 was titled "The Wedding of Ruha"
Adapted from English by Al-Asadi, M. Khair al-Din
First edition, February 1945
Published by Lutfi Sakkal
Also included are five short stories by children readers

34 small size pages (4.5”x6”, 11.25cmx15.25cm). 3 interior illustrations signed Khaled al-Asali, and five pages of cartoon panels by a Eurepean artist.
©Mamoun Sakkal 2019


Get pdf file of the complete booklet issue 32 here


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