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National Register of Historic Places
The National Register of Historic Places is the federal government's official list of those properties worthy of preservation. To qualify for the National Register, a property must be significant in American history, architecture, archaeology or culture and possess integrity of location, design, setting, materials, workmanship, feeling, and association. Everett nominations are reviewed by the Historical Commission and the mayor. Their recommendations are forwarded to the State Advisory Council and then on to the National Register staff in Washington, D.C. for final approval.
Placement on the National Register is largely symbolic and a tool to encourage preservation, recognition, and rehabilitation of our national heritage. It does not guarantee preservation of the property. It does require that federally funded or licensed projects be carefully reviewed before funds are released to alter or demolish a National Register property. To encourage rehabilitation, tax credits are available for renovation of commercial properties.

Washington Heritage Register
The Washington State Heritage Register recognizes the enduring values of historic buildings to Washington State.

Everett Register
The Everett Register is a local program, started in 1988, to encourage preservation and to honor those who have cared for Everett's historic buildings. To encourage rehabilitation of significant historic properties, the Everett Historical Commission may grant a Special Tax Valuation to Everett Register property owners who complete certified rehabilitations.

Arlington, NAVAL AUXILIARY AIR STATION, ARLINGTON, 18204 59th Drive Northeast, Arlington Municipal Airport (6/3O/95)

Bothell, BATES-TANNER FARM, 3420 240th Street Southeast (3/9/95)

Bothell, NORTH CREEK SCHOOL, 22711 31st Avenue Southeast (5/19/94)

Bothell, WINNINGHAM FARM, 3214 228th Street Southeast (5/13/94)

Dartington vicinity, GREEN MOUNTAIN LOOKOUT, Darrington Ranger District, Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest (2/22/87)

Darrington vicinity, MINERS RIDGE LOOKOUT, Darrington Ranger District, Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest (7/19/87)

Dartington vicinity, SUIATTLE GUARD STATION, Mr. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest (12/18/90)

Darrington vicinity, THREE FINGERS LOOKOUT, Darrington Ranger District, Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest (7/14/87)

Duvall, BIDERBOST ARCHAEOLOGICAL SITE, On Snoqualmie River (11/17/78)

Edmonds, BRACKETT'S LANDING, Main Street at the waterfront (7/20/71)

Edmonds, ANDREW CARNEGIE LIBRARY, 118 Fifth Avenue North (4/24/73)

Edmonds, EDMONDS CEMETERY, Near Edmonds Way and 100th Street intersection (7/28/72)

Edmonds, EDMONDS HIGH SCHOOL (PUGET SOUND CHRISTIAN COLLEGE), 410 Fourth Avenue North (8/22/86)

Edmonds, FIRST SCHOOL IN DISTRICT NO. 15, 233 Third Avenue North (7/28/72)

Edmonds, ODD FELLOWS HALL, 542 Main Street (7/28/72)

Edmonds, PARMELEE RESIDENCE, 1228 Ninth Avenue North (7/28/72)

Edmonds, STEVENS HOTEL, Second Avenue and Bill Street (7/28/72)

Everett, COASTER II-QUISSETT [VESSEL], C Dock South, Port of Everett (9/28/89)

Everett, COMMERCE BUILDING, 1801 Hewitt Avenue (10/1/92)


Everett, EQUATOR [VESSEL], 14th Street Yacht Basin (4/14/72)

Everett, EVERETT CARNEGIE LIBRARY, 3001 Oakes Avenue (12/6/75)

Everett, EVERETT CITY HALL, 3002 Wetmore Avenue (5/2/90)

Everett, EVERETT FIRE STATION NO. 2, 2801 Oakes Avenue (5/2/90)

Everett, EVERETT PUBLIC LIBRARY, 2702 Hoyt Avenue (11/17/89)

Everett, EVERETT THEATRE, 2911 Colby Avenue (8/29/75)

Everett, FLORAL HALL, Forest Park (4/26/90)

Everett, ROLAND HARTLEY HOUSE, 2320 Rucker Avenue (NR 5/2/86)

Everett, MARION BUILDING, 1401 Hewitt Avenue (11/16/79)

Everett, MCCABE BUILDING, 3120 Hewitt Avenue (NR 10/21/77)

Everett, MONTE CRISTO HOTEL, 1507 Wall Street (NR 6/3/76)

Everett, PIONEER BLOCK, 2814-2816 Rucker Avenue (5/31/79)

Everett, RUCKER HILL HISTORIC DISTRICT, Laurel, Snohomish, Niles, Warren, Bell, Tulalip, 33rd, and 34th Avenues (11/8/89)

Everett, RUCKER HOUSE, 412 Laurel Drive (12/4/75)

Everett, SNOHOMISH COUNTY COURTHOUSE, Wetmore Avenue between Wall Street and Pacific Avenue (12/6/75)

Everett, SWALWELL BLOCK AND ADJOINING COMMERCIAL BUILDINGS, 2901-2909 and 2915 Hewitt Avenue (5/17/76)

Everett, SWALWELL COTTAGE, 2712 Pine Street (11/28/78)

Everett, U.S. POST OFFICE AND CUSTOMSHOUSE, 3006 Colby Avenue (6/22/76)

Everett, WEYERHAEUSER OFFICE BUILDING, 1710 West Marine View Drive (5/14/86)

Granite Falls, VERLOT RANGER STATION-PUBLIC SERVICE CENTER, Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest (4/8/86)

Granite Falls vicinity, HARTFORD TO MONTE CRISTO RAILROAD, East of Granite Falls along South Fork Stillaguamish River (5/28/71)

Index, BUSH HOUSE, Index Avenue and Fifth Street (2/22/78)

Index, RED MEN HALL (REDMEN WIGWAM), Index Avenue at Sixth Street (4/13/73)

Lake Stevens, GRIMM HOUSE, 2002 Hartford Drive (3/9/95)

Lowell vicinity, FORT EBEY SITE, One mile southeast of Lowell (7/30/71)

Lynnwood, KEELER'S KORNER, 16401 U.S. 99 (4/29/82)

Machias, MACHIAS CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH, 1620 Austin (5/24/85)

Marysville, MARYSVILLE OPERA HOUSE, 1225 Third Street (2/25/82)

Marysville vicinity, INDIAN SHAKER CHURCH, West of Marysville, Tulalip Reservation, North Meridian Avenue (5/4/76)

Marysville vicinity, ST. ANNE'S ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH, West of Marysville on Mission Beach Road (6/18/76)

Marysville vicinity, TULALIP INDIAN AGENCY OFFICE, 3901 Mission Beach Road, Tulalip Reservation (5/3/76)

Monroe vicinity, WAGNER MILL POWER HOUSE AND MACHINE SHOP, Northeast of Monroe on Wagner Lake (3/13/81)

Mukilteo, FOWLER PEAR TREE, Jade Gulch (7/30/71)

Mukilteo, MUKILTEO CEMETARY, Fifth and Webster (7/30/71)

Mukilteo, MUKILTEO LIGHT STATION, WA 525 (10/21/77)

Mukilteo, POINT ELLIOT PEACE TREATY SITE, South of Point Elliott Lighthouse (8/31/73)

Oso, OSO ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, WA 530 (8/31/73)

Silvana vicinity, PEACE LUTHERAN CHURCH, One-half mile southwest of Silvana (7/28/72)

Skykomish vicinity, EVERGREEN MOUNTAIN LOOKOUT, Skykomish Ranger District, Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest (7/14/87)

Snohomish, LINERT RESIDENCE, 312 Avenue "D" (11/8/72)

Snohomish, SNOHOMISH HISTORIC DISTRICT, Roughly bounded by Avenue East, Fifth Street, Union Avenue, Northern Pacific Railroad and Snohomish River (10/22/74)

Snohomish, WILLIS D. TUCKER HOME, 1012 Fourth Street (11/8/72)

Stanwood, D.O. PEARSON HOUSE (HERITAGE HOUSE), Pearson and Market Streets (5/25/73)

Sultan vicinity, HORSESHOE BEND PLACER CLAIM, North of Sultan (5/7/81)

Sultan vicinity, SULTAN RIVER TRUSS BRIDGE, Spans the Sultan River northeast of Gold Bar (3/13/81)

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