Stories of Snohomish County History

In 1989 the Third Age News, a monthly newspaper, published by Senior Services of Snohomish County, began printing a series of articles designed to help readers gain a perspective on their past through discovery of the stories, accompanied by photos, which illustrate the rich history of Snohomish County.

Excerpts from that series are produced here and will change periodically.

Initially one writer, Louise Lindgren, of Snohomish County Historic Preservation Services, concentrated on stories unearthed from interviews with pioneers and utilizing photo resources from historical societies throughout the county. She was the Washington State Centennial Coordinator for the County at the time and has since become its Historic Preservation Planner.

A few years later she was joined in the writing effort by David A. Cameron, Ph.D. and Marie Little of the Alderwood Manor Heritage Association. Cameron taught history on the high school and college levels, had worked for the U.S. Forest Service on historical interpretation for many years, and was an independent scholar focusing on Pacific NW history in general and the history of the old Monte Cristo Ranger District in particular.

Marie Little is a professional writer and researcher who produces a monthly radio show, "If Houses Could Speak" on KSER. She has been active in the creation of an historical commission for the city of Lynnwood and tours the county gleaning information in her far-reaching search for buildings with interesting human stories and connections.

Index quarry once a bulwark of local economy
A History of the Robe Canyon Area
The Death of the Washington Saloon
Keeler Korner
Packers, animals tackle the trails
Remembering the Cycle of the Season

For more information on the series, please phone Louise Lindgren at (425) 388-3311 ext. 2372.

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